Hi, I'm Denham👋

I am a full stack software developer and co-founder at avo labs

About Me

I develop web and blockchain applications mostly working in JavaScript. I studied at Rhodes University and the University of Cape Town in Economics and Computer Science and have been working in industry for a few years. I am a blockchain enthusiast, I love to explore and I like to focus on social impact projects.

Projects with Avo Labs

Always raising funds for conservation

Virtual art gallery

Community endowment fund

Carbon emissions solution

Projects for Clients

Production Performance Monitoring

Democratising alternative asset classes

Sustainable diet challenge

Machine Learning Investment Management

Sustainable Investment Management

Plastic Reduction Campaign

Money and Me - Financial Survey

MecMovies - Online course

Insurance App

Energy Data Visualisation

PropTech Rental Company

Car Rental Platform

Fintech Savings Solutions

Operations Management Application

Side Projects

Founders podcast

Dog Birthday Calculator

World scratch map

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